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deCMSdeCMS Benefits

The base cost for an informational style website is $2,000.

The website runs under my content management system and can be updated by you at any time. Or if you prefer, I can update the website for you at my hourly rate – just email me the required changes and I’ll make them for you.

I handle the setup and creation of the initial website including the content and graphics, then hand control over to you to maintain it.

The content management system is very easy to use. If you can use a word processor, then you can use this system. It has been designed for the busy small business operator who doesn’t have time to learn a complicated system.

There are just 3 steps to create your new website and it becomes live immediately:

  1. Make your changes
  2. Save the content
  3. Generate the new html web pages

And if you make some catastrophic error, there are at least 10 backups of the content that we can roll back to.

The system uses a template to control the look and feel of the website. You control the menu and the content that form the web pages.

I customize the template to include your logo (or I can create a simple logo for you), set the colours for the webpage to compliment your logo and customize the backend of the system to create your website.

Included in the cost is the 1st year’s web and email hosting, use of my content management software, domain name registration, search engine optimization, Google stats, customization, loading of content, graphics, sourcing of royalty free graphics and lots of assistance. Additional changes and enhancements are at an hourly rate of $120.

The ongoing cost is $250 per year for web and email hosting and the use of my content management software. Other charges that you will incur will be domain name renewal (if the domain name is with another domain name provider).

Although the content management system is easy to use, it is also powerful and has some sophisticated features such as bookmarks, links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, slideshows, rss feeds, lightbox image display, etc. And if there is a special feature that you’d like included, then I can add this as part of the customization. Because the software is written by me, I can quickly and easily make changes.

Another advantage to using my web hosting and content management system is the quick delivery time. If you have the content ready, I can usually have your website live within a few days. However, it takes a couple of weeks for Google to add your website to its database, so people won’t be able to find you via a Google search until this happens. There is no way to speed up this process.

Other services that I can provide are assistance with Google ads, landing pages, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, links to plus inclusion and embedding of external web pages, and general information about web sites, customer relations systems, shopping carts, email newsletters, etc.