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WillowBelle Portraits at Cromer

Brief: To create a beautiful website to showcase Angela's photography using a CMS that is easy to use. Angela designed the template so we needed to create the website using her artwork. The result is stunning.


A customised website using Angela's artwork as the backdrop, using our CMS to add content and create the html pages. The site features either a still image or a slideshow which was custom written for Angela. The system needed to be easy to use and Angela has managed to populate the pages with content and images without much help and without much technical knowledge.

Joya Shoes shopping website at Mona Vale

Brief: A shopping cart website to showcase the unique Joya shoes and provide a shop online ecommerce solution. The system needs to handle a promo code to provide a 20% discount for eligible customers plus it needs the 'subscribe to newsletter' interface with MailChimp.


A customised website using the micropulse CMS and integrated shopping cart module.

Slideshows are used extensively to display the styles available with the ability to click thru to the product details.

The shopping cart uses cookies to store the list of shoes ordered and the order list can be viewed from all pages of the website.

When the order is placed, an email is sent to the store owner notifying him of the order including the customer details.

The customer is sent an email with the same order information including a link to the invoice, plus the invoice is displayed on the screen at the time of ordering.

Payment methods are by direct debit, cheque, money order or Paypal.

If the customer is responding to a promotion, the system accepts a promo code. This can be set by the store owner for different promotions. If used, the system calculates a 20% discount on the invoice total.

The system includes a subscribe to newsletter page which sends the subscription information to MailChimp via the Paypal interface.

Alan Carter Publications ebook subscription website at Dee Why

Brief: To provide their published books as an online book reference on a subscription basis. People who browse the site are able to view the first 6 pages of each book without needing to login. All 3 books, each with around 800 pages, are available to users who subscribe for a 30 day or full year subscription. Subscriptions are to be handled via PayPal IPN.


A custom written website using jQuery for most of the functionality. The main part of the website uses anyThingZoomer to magnify the section of page via the mouse. The PDF format of the books needed to be converted into JPG format so that they could be used in anyThingZoomer. A conversion program was written for this purpose to yield the perfect size JPGs for the website. A search routine was custom written using an xml database file for the index which can be updated by the administrator. The website can also have extra books added and it will intuitively pick up how many books are available.

The payment method uses Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notification). When a customer subscribes they provide their details for the database, then log in to Paypal and make the payment. Paypal then sends a notification back to the website to acknowledge that payment has been made and the database is updated accordingly. The customer is sent notification that the payment has been accepted and they may begin using the site. The program also sends the customer details via email to the office.

The system is automated so that no human intervention is needed to process new customers. However, a full backend service is also provided to allow for access to the database to change subscription details, manually add a new customer, etc.

Black Caviar Web Designs website at Ingleside

Brief: A shopping cart website for a wholesale jeweller that requires a customer to register and login before they have access to the products and prices.


A customised website using the shopping cart module as a basis. Customers must register and be approved before they can login and place orders. When a customer registers, their details are stored in a database and marked as pending approval. An email is sent to the jeweller advising them of the new customer awaiting approval. The jeweller then logs into the backend and approves the customer, then sends them an email welcoming them to the site.

A customer must login to use the system. Their login details are stored, so that if they use the same computer each time, their login is automatic. Visitors who are not logged in cannot see the products. Once the customer is logged in, they can use the shopping cart to view products, add to the shopping cart and place the order.

The order is sent to the jeweller via email. An invoice is also automatically generated for the customer, the order details are recorded in a database and a confirmation email with a copy of the invoice is sent to the customer.