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deCMS FeaturesdeCMS

  • easy to use and fast
  • written predominantly in javascript with a simple XML database
  • uses a javascript text editor - tinyMCE
  • has built in image referencing so you select available uploaded images from a dropdown list
  • generates all the html pages at the click of a button
  • real time, immediate updating of web pages
  • is fast loading in every browser
  • is cross browser compatible
  • automatically writes the javascript to preload images for each page
  • automatically changes the title tag content to avoid duplicate titles
  • automatically creates a sitemap html page
  • automatically creates a sitemap.xml page for webmaster tools
  • uses a simple template for the html that is easy to edit
  • easily add google analytics code
  • easily add/change your own meta tags, title, etc
  • easily add your own javascript code
  • uses a table layout within the template for formatting, as well as CSS for text formatting
  • uses javascript in the html pages to display the drop down menu and other ajax type features
  • uses a javascript set of functions written specifically to work with this CMS
  • has a built in customer login/registration system
  • has an 'email to friend' function
  • has an easy to use image management system to upload pictures
  • has an easy to use input form that can be customised to suit your needs