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Newsletter,social media marketing,seo,press releases,blog updates Dee Why northern beaches SydneyWe offer many ancilliary services to businesses in the form of social media marketing.
This is a broad term to refer to all the methods of contacting customers online on a regular basis.

The most traditional, long standing method is via a newsletter. We have found that MailChimp is a good, sturdy platform for a newsletter marketing campaign.

In the last 5 years, the social media arena has exploded and many new and exciting services are available.
Not all of these social media marketing services are suitable for every business, but you can pick and choose what is best for you.
The most popular ones are Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, FourSquare (at the time or writing).
Within 6 months, this list will probably change as some gain in popularity and others wane.

We can also help generate your press releases and advertised specials in the form of a PDF that can be uploaded to your website. This gives another form of exposure via Google and it can help your ranking.

If you have a blog (or would like to start a blog), we can help to keep it alive by adding posts on a regular basis. Find out more about our blog posting service ...

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is when a website is set up to ensure that it uses the best organic methods for Google to index it and give the pages a ranking. There are many facets to SEO, but some of the simplest things aren't being done in many websites.