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Personalised Dementia Clock – Web based

Personalised dementia clock with the ability to add messages from loved ones, add calendar entries, slideshow and captions with up to 10 pictures so you can keep in touch with your aging parent remotely. Use a computer, tablet or phone. No high tech equipment needed and it’s simple to use.

The backend of the personalised dementia clock system is simple and easy to use. The program can be set up to display messages from 5 family members with their name as a prefix to their message. The individual message files can be uploaded at any time via an upload program and will be updated/refreshed on the display screen every hour.

A simple XML file is used as a calendar to add things like doctor’s appointments. This is displayed as the first message in the list and is prefixed with ** to draw attention to it. This XML file can also be uploaded at any time via an upload program.

Hosted by micropulse on a shared web server.
Initial set up fee to personalise the system is $200 and ongoing monthly fee is $10.

Use it on an existing desktop or laptop – no special equipment needed. All it needs is a computer and internet connection. It can run on any browser and any operating system. Set it up and leave it running. No computer knowledge or technical skills required by the dementia patient. It works best if it’s on a dedicated computer so that the screen is set to come up automatically and is always on. No need to change the time. Just ensure that the computer system time is set for daylight saving and the clock will use the local computer time.

Technical information – the system is written in PHP and javascript using HTML 5 to display the pages.

Background – I developed this program to help me and my siblings keep in touch with our aging mum. I wanted something a bit more personal than a standard dementia clock and something that would show reminders for each day like cleaner coming, doctor’s appointment, etc. I also wanted a slideshow to help her remember family members, events, etc.
We had provided her with a dementia clock and a separate slideshow screen, but thought it would be good to have an all in one solution. She is unable to use a tablet or phone, so this method ensures that she doesn’t need to interact with it. We’ve set up the monitor in her living area. All she has to do is look at it. I figured that if our family needs it, there must be lots of other families who could use it too.

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Personalised Dementia Clock – Web based